The next winter is dawning

09/10/2016 16:22


The last winter is only but a memory by now. But unless so many memories we gather over the time, the ones fond to us as ice climbers and alpinists nearly all start grim and dark, seemingly replaying themselves in their initial state: 


early starts at unchristian morning hours/  setting out into a cold and often hostile perceived darkness/ the tiredness caused by the lack of sleep/ the excitement, restlessness and often gloomy moods commingled in one heavy emotion/ the yearning for dawn/ the rising of a pale northern sun at frosty mornings  over blankets of snow and ice.../the craving for those rays, if only that  feeble and cold, only warm enough to comfort the heart... hours of suffering and fighting/ constant cold / ...


but somewhere in- between the first steps out of the warm door and the constant, partly nerve-racking swings of the tool, somewhere in between the slight fear and the general malaise,the exhaustion and the adrenaline rises something which keeps a heart beating and a soul breathing,

somewhere in-between are the memories formed which will last forever.






For the full story of last season´s Norway Trips you can find some more pictures and a report on the following Petzl link: