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Norway has been an extraordinary experience. This northern country  provides uncountable ice lines on dark, high rock walls. The many fjords are reaching into the coastline like powerful tentacles, beholding the power of the sea and bringing in significant changes in temperatures. 

Climbing this long lines in or near the fjords demanded careful judgement of the ice and a constant watch on  weather maps. The whole operation felt more like an alpine endeavor than a big water ice line.





We saw the climb called “Kjerrskredkvelven” on our way from Bergen towards Lærdal: a blue shimmering line rising over a 1000m up on the rock walls of our right. We stopped the car immediately and studied it. We had no idea of it´s name and grade or else any piece of information. Originally, we were on our way to Thorfossen, a fall we had spotted last year and were eager to climb on this trip. But this line in Gudvangen captured our heart and eye immediately. This was something surpassing even our wildest dreams, our yearn to come here and never stop climbing...


The decision for the next days climb was soon done, and on February the 20th early in the morning with the oncoming light Matthias and me set out for this line. It became a very long and a very intense day. 

We reached the end of the line at  8.45 PM in the dark, exhausted but incredible happy. The wind blew strongly on the plateau and temperatures sank rapidly. I got very cold while abseiling and building V- Threat after V -threat became a hell of a work. We reached the bottom of the line not before 3 o ´clock in the morning, tumbling in our sleeping bags in the van at 4. Yet it was not before the late morning after sleep that i truly became to realize what an incredible dream we had just accomplished. 


Everyone interested in the detailed description of the climb  read more on



  Matthias on the first  real "Crux" of the climb

Me up high on the climb



Ice, Ice, Ice....

last and final pitch in complete darkness...

finally at the exit of the last ice pitch, behind the plateau rising

the view from the top in the dark...the lights from the road far down...



Hauksfossen in Rjukan



The wonderful "Hauskdfossen" near Rjukan


Matthias on the 1th pitch


Me on the 2th pitch


on our way home, taking the ferry from Bergen to Hirtshals