Looking back, looking ahead

02/05/2013 10:22


Looking back - Looking ahead ...
The winter is over - definitely. Outside it is raining hard - the big melt down has begun. Time to have a look back on our last ice climbing season. It was a long and intense season. Already in November we found in Canada great lines like "Virtual Reality" and "Whiteman Falls". Difficult to say afterwards what was our best climb in the Rockies during the last season. Maybe it was "Rainbow Serpent" in the Ghost. We love the Ghost for its rough and true nature. Days there are never lost and the "Recital Hall", home to "Rainbow Serpent", is a magical place with an overwhelming ambiance. Coming back mid December to Europe we found condition of the finest at home in Cogne. But then the big heat over Christmas came and changed everything. Black wet rock in Kandertsteg, Freissinieres and Sixt..... Nevertheless on some high and very remote places we found wonderful lines, like "Azimut Brutal" in the Oisans near Briancon, that took us a five hour approach. Finally mid of January temperatures settled and it became colder. In Austria we were lucky and could climb the freshly formed "Seebenseefall" on an extremely cold day with -20 degree Celsius. Then we drove up to Norway and right away, hardly two hours from the landing of our ferry in the Gudvangen Valley we came upon one of our best lines - the endless "Kjerrskredkvelven". Nearly 1000m high we climbed a whole day and finished the descent at night. It was a day when we had to overcome ourselves many times and those are the best. 
So looking back it has been  a continually up and down - with remarkable hights but also with some deep valleys... We have an extremely motivating outlook on next season for Norway, where we discovered incredible lines, possibilities for many many years to come. And also in the Rockies a new and fresh winter will rise with many dreams not yet realized and others even never thought about.