Flight to Canada

03/11/2012 20:36


I am lolling sleepily in my seat, tired after all the preparations for our ice trip to Canada and the IMS in Brixen. I find some welcoming, superficial distraction on my little screenplay in front of me. The hours start running by and I am getting  drowsy and a bit grumpy. Suddenly Mat points out of the little window: We just  began flying over Greenland. So maybe i should take a little peep outside there, too. It blows my mind away: one mountain towering after the other, a beauty so divine and untouched that it threatens to blind the eye. Behind the majestic scenery the inn-land plateau begins to rise, endlessly and vast, a dimension so different from European standards, that our brain's reaction is simply shock. Suddenly, i am fully awake. We both and our seat partner Peter look outside in amazement. Down there it is like it may have been since the beginning of time. A beauty not to capture in any words. Minutes pass until I take my seat again, but this time i feel no need for any distraction.