21/12/2012 11:50



On Saturday, 15th december 2012 we organized our first ICE MEETING, a friendly “coming- together” for all enthusiastic ice- climbers willing to take the snow laden road up to Cogne valley. We offered ice climbing material for testing, which included Jackets and Harnesses from Arc´Teryx, Ice climbing Boots from La Sportiva and harnesses, crampons and Ice tools from Black Diamond. Temperatures around -4 degrees, a lot of snow and a lot of ice offered great conditions: More than sixty ice fanatics came to test and climb on one of  the many ice falls just a short foot walk from the event place. Or they  simply enjoyed the being together with a bright burning fire to warm up, exchanging  the latest ice stories. Sausages roasted on the stone barbecue, spaghettis and baguettes with italian cheese produced from the farmers living here kept the energy flow moving.

Thanks to Christoph Moulin, Thierry Renault  and Bernhard Witz we were able to provide a stunning movie night with inspiring expeditions, solos on Ice and High-line, next to our self produced film “Frozen Love”.
Thanks on this occasion also to Carlo and Elisa, the owner of  “Les Nigritelles”, and Claudio and Anna from the Bar Cascate. Without their help the event would not have been possible!

The biggest thanks goes to Arc´teryx, La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Sterling Rope and Gloryfy, who sponsered this event and provided addionally the great prizes, which were raffled in the evening.
Thanks also to all the ice climbers kicking off their season on that special Saturday! To all of you a safe and joyful season!


See you next year!!!