I was born on 3rd of November 1977 together with my twin sister Heike. We grew up in South Africa until the age of seven, then we moved to Frankfurt in Germany. Everything went it’s normal way, school, high school, university. I was a very passionate endurance athlete at the time. But in the year 2000 I discovered the mountains.The Alps were not far from my university (Freiburg im Br.) and I would often drive to Chamonix, together with my former boyfriend and today’s husband Matthias Scherer. It was then that I started ice climbing and mountaineering. I got more and more drown to the mountain path and in 2004 we moved to Cogne in Italy, climbing full seasons on ice. Matthias and I became an inseparable team and climbed more than 400 icefalls together, including such extreme lines like “Juste une illusion”, “Rapelle-toi, que tu est une homme”, “Replicant” or “Shiva Lingam”.

I shared great moments on such big lines with Matthias, but the ice lines I climbed on the sharp end of the rope myself have a special place in my mind.



Personal highlights (on lead):


L`eau lourde, Chamonix WI 5+ (2003)

Cascate du Veisivi, Val d`Herens, Switzerland WI 6 (2003)

Cascata du Planaval, Val Grisanche, Italy WI 5+ (2005)

Trip into the Night, Val Savarenge, Italy WI 5+ (2005)

Vacherie de gauche, Morgex, Italy WI5 (2005)

Placce di Rovenaud, Valsavaranche WI 5 (2005)

Double Scotch, Fournel, France ( with my sister) WI 5+ (2006)

Glücksritter, Adelbode, Switzerland WI 5 (2008)

Crash, Storm Mountain,BC, Canada (with my sister) WI 6 (2008)

Murchison Fall, BC, Canada WI4+ (2008)

Rübezahl, Kandersteg, Switzerland (with my sister) WI 6 (2009)

Hiroshima, Fournel, France WI 5 (2009)

Repentance, Cogne, Italy WI 6 (2010)

Tradimento, Cogne, Italy WI 6 (2010)

Havanna, Pitztal, Austria WI 6 (2011)

Stella Artice, Cogne, Italy WI 5 (2011)

Delicados, Fournel, France WI 5 (2012)

Hydnefossen, Hemsedal, Norway WI 6 (2012)

Cascade des Viollins, Freissinieres, France WI 5+/6 (2012)

Cousin Hubert, Freissinieres WI 5+ (2012)

Cold Couloir Integral in 5.13 hours simulascent WI 4+ (2012)


ALPINISM Highlights:

Les Droites, Lagarde , Chamonix, winterascent 2007

Les Droites, Ginat, Chamonix 2011

Grivola, new route on the North face, Gran Paradiso National Park 2006

Madness très Mince III5 Argentière Basin, Chamonix  2007

NW Gully of the Frébuze III4+ ; Leschaux-Mallet Basin;Cahmonix winterascent 2006

L`oeil au beurre noir IV 5+; Leschaux-Mallet Basin ; Chamonix winterascent 2007

Goulotte Baumont III 5+; Lesschaux-Mallet Bassin; Chamonix winterascent 2007

Frendo Spur, Aiguille de Midi, Chamonix 2012

NW Gully of the Frébuze III4+ ; Leschaux-Mallet Basin; winterascend 2006
Many Classics like Grand Combin (face nord direkt), Täschhorn, Dom, Fletschhorn, Hohberghorn, Lenzspitze, Weissmies, Aiguille dela Trés-la tete, Gran Paradiso, Roccia Viva, Becca di Gay, Torre di San Andrea, Punta Patry…




Valle d´Aosta:

Pt.Ondezana, Col di Forzo, Col Coupé di Money, Pta.Fenillaz, Tre. Del Gran San Pietro, Gran Serra, Punta dell Inferno, Pta. Arpisson, Mt. Creya, Pta Tersiva, Punta Rossa, Col di Belleface, Pointe de la Pierre, Gran Paradiso, Colle del Grand-Ètret, Cima di Entrelors, Col del Leynir, Pta Calabre, Granta Parei, Pta Rabuigne, Pta Barmverin, Col Cassuras, Becca di Tos, Testa di Rutor, Arp Vielle, Pta. d´Archeboc, Mt Ouille, Mt. Colmet, Testa dei Frà, Punta Leysser, Mt Fallère, Col Serena, Mont Flassin, Mont Champ Rion, Tete Blanche, Mont Gelé, Becca della Rayette, Grand Becca Blanchen, Château des Dames, Becca di Nona, Mt. Roisetta, Bec di Nana, Gran Cima


ROCK (Multi pitches) Highlights:

Euphrat (6 SL ,7a), complete RP Lead; Sanetsch, Switzerland

Eole danza per noi , Et je suis le Vent, La Chevauchée fantastique, C'est Mozart qu'on assasine, Les chants du midi; all : Aiguille de la Varappe

Guy-Anne Point des Nantillons; Envers des Aiguille

Amazonia Pointe des Nantillons; Envers des Aiguille

Bienvenue au George V; Pointe des Nanttillions, Envers des Aiguille

Le Piège; Tour Verte; Envers des Aiguille

Ambiance Eigerwand ; Lower East Side of the Aiguille de Roc, Envers des Aiguille

Pedro Polar; Lower East Side of tue Aiguille de Roc, Envers des Aiguille

L'eau Rance d`Arabie, Red Pillar of Blatière

Les Diamonts du Président, Red Pillar of Blatière

Bobokassa, Red Pillar of Blatière

Nabot Léon, Red Pillar of Blatière

Le Marchand de Sable; Tour Rouge

Pilier Cordier ; Grand Charmoz

Alison, National Park of Gran Paradiso, Valsavaranche

Favola d´Amore; Aiguille Savoie

Le Rouge et le Noir ; Aiguille Savoie



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