This site is dedicated to inspire going out into the winter-lands and experience nature in all it's beauty and roughness. I am a passionate ice-climber and mountaineer for  over 16 years now. In the winter season i try to spend as much time as possible out there on the ice. For me and my rope partner and husband Matthias Scherer ice climbing has become our shared adventure of life. It is not only the purest, most dangerous and rough beauty i have found there, but also a  very powerful teacher of life: Confronted with the  constantly changing materiel of ice we have to trust on our experience, our inner instincts and our will to master the unknown. We also form a team which comes to weigh deeply in extreme situations. It is not about competition and comparison. It is about undying values and friendship.

But the ice is not to be  "conquered", we gain nothing but a climbed line which may have an awkward name or which we can give one. What we gain is invisible.  It gives us a fundament on which we can live. A strength nobody can take us. Joy. Trust. A deeply shared experience.

This website likes to share some experiences and in it's best outcome inspire the one or other to take his/her ice tools and go out there fighting, making unique experiences, forming trustful, intense bounds to others on the way !

I am eager to make good photographs on my climbs and love to capture the experiences by trying to bring down on paper later what i found most impressive and what meant great value for me. It would please me if the one or other will find it interesting and your commentary is welcome.